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Cymdeithas Lloyd George, the Lloyd George Society is a loose combination of like minds that meets in Wales for a weekend school on topical subjects, historical issues (particularly those relating to David Lloyd George) or interesting questions affecting Welsh life and culture, all from a liberal perspective. The Society usually meets once a year in February, avoiding the dates of rugby football internationals.


The schools have been taking place for over 50 years. Originally designed for Welsh Liberal parliamentary candidates to debate policy and topical questions, to help them prepare for the election trail, the schools have developed away from this specific purpose and now provide an informal forum for participants to hear interesting talks, take part in discussions and meet friends, old and new.

The schools have always tried to attract speakers expert in their field to provide plenty of food for thought and a leavening of controversy but the schools are best enjoyed for their good fellowship with many members who have attended regularly for decades.

Despite the origins of the Society, we are not formally affiliated to the Liberal Democrats. We welcome supporters and speakers at the weekend school who belong to other political parties or anyone who has an interest in Wales, history or current affairs. Obviously however, our liberal history strongly informs the range of topics on the school's agenda.

Recent updates

  • Lloyd George
    Article: Mar 26, 2015

    David Lloyd George died exactly 70 years ago on 26 March 1945. The Times newspaper headlined news of his death with references to his great wartime leadership and his pioneering role in the field of social reform. Winston Churchill later called Lloyd George, "...the greatest Welshman which that unconquerable race has produced since the age of the Tudors'.

  • Audience
    Article: Feb 18, 2015

    Lloyd George Society members felt they had been treated to a fine mixture of interesting and enjoyable presentations on history, politics and policy at this year's weekend school at the Hotel Commodore in Llandrindod Wells. A small increase in numbers over those attending the 2014 school heard talks on Saturday on Lloyd George and Joseph Chamberlain, William Wedgwood Benn, Emlyn Hooson, the Royal Family and Freedom of Information, re-establishing Liberalism in Montgomeryshire and Lloyd George a biography in cartoons. On the Sunday we were treated to an analysis of what the general election was expected to hold for all the parties and our usual lively panel session with three politicians.

  • Gallery: Feb 18, 2015
  • Lloyd George Cartoons
    Article: Jan 17, 2015

    Unfortunately one of our speakers at the forthcoming weekend school has had to withdraw. The actor Mark Lewis Jones who was going to tell us all about "being Lloyd George" in the TV drama "37 Days" cannot now come to the school due to an unavoidable clash with another commitment. The acting profession can be precarious and those in the trade have to grab opportunities when they come.

  • National Liberal Club
    Article: Nov 23, 2014

    Lloyd George Society President, Lord Thomas of Gresford, will talk on the subject of Lloyd George, the young Solicitor and Advocate at a dinner at the National Liberal Club on the evening of Tuesday 20 January next year. The dinner, initially proposed by long-time Society supporter Mrs Megan Rees, is being organised by the Lib Dem Lawyers Association with the support of the Lloyd George Society.In addition to Martin Thomas, it is hoped that Simon Hughes MP, Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties, will also be present. A pre-dinner discussion on the currently proposed Counter Terrorism Bill is also in the planning stage.

  • Commodore Hotel
    Article: Nov 20, 2014

    The next Society weekend school will be held at the Hotel Commodore, Llandrindod Wells, on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 February 2015. The programme is nearly complete and contains the usual good mix of history, politics and debate. Our after dinner speaker on Saturday evening is Mayor Dorothy Thornhill, three times elected Mayor of Watford.

  • Document: Nov 20, 2014
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    Booking form for 2015 weekend school

  • LG reading
    Article: Sep 9, 2014

    David Lloyd George has often been called "The Man Who Won the War" given his performance after becoming Prime Minister in December 1916. Now, in the anniversary year of the outbreak of The Great War, the BBC has called on some of its most well known presenters, Huw Edwards, Andrew Marr and Jeremy Paxman, to look at Lloyd George's wartime achievements and also to consider some of the other aspects of his career which, as they rightly put it, "transformed the nation".

  • Article: Aug 29, 2014

    The Society is pleased to let members and supporters have details of an important new book on Lloyd George by author Alan Mumford and published by Troubador. You can find links to information about the book elsewhere on our home page the main menu.

    This review of cartoons of the life of one of the major politicians of the twentieth century is unique in covering Lloyd George from the first cartoon in May 1894 to his death in March 1945.

    The context for the cartoons is provided through a summary of his life, the special features of Lloyd George as an 'outsider' and the social economic and political environment. The book proceeds through the major events in his life - the Boer War, the 1909 Budget and struggle with the House of Lords, the Marconi scandal. His role as 'the man who won the War', as a divisive figure in the Liberal Party and then the initiator of proposals to reduce unemployment is also shown. A further chapter focuses on attempts to portray him as a man playing many parts - snake charmer, music hall performer, revolutionary, Charlie Chaplin.

  • Document: Aug 29, 2014
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